Loot Name: Used Notebook
Used Notebook
Appearance: Notebook
Reported By: Forums
Reported On: 02/04/2007 05:24 p
Known Combinations: 142
Unknown Combinations: 48
Level Mob Description Waypoint Planet Reported By
Chiss Poacher Hunt Master
Chiss Poacher hunt masters in Etty hunting grounds (level 45 elites)
Unknown Kashyyyk (Kachirho) Orok
0 Unknown
Moenia Rebel level 50 NPCs
Unknown Unknown Solen80
0 Unknown
Scientists at The Warren, -546, -3846 Dantooine
Unknown Unknown Chunky
0 Unknown
M.S.H. Base, -4600, -3248 Talus
Unknown Unknown Chunky
0 Unknown
Imperial Workers at The Warren also drop them
Unknown Unknown Bebommib
0 Unknown
level 44 NPCs outside Narmle, Rori (static, instant respawn)
Unknown Unknown Fyrakin
0 Unknown
A.C.L.O. Office 1280, -3127 Talus
Unknown Unknown Chunky
0 Unknown
Nyax NPCs , Corellia
Unknown Unknown Paaske
0 Unknown
Rogue CorSec Troopers on Corellia (-3342 3299)
Unknown Unknown Geanna
0 Unknown
A marooned pirate - Lok (North of starport)
Unknown Unknown Nikos Athenian
0 Unknown
Corsec Inspector Tyrena -5430 -2766
Unknown Unknown Maxipad
0 Unknown
Trandoshan Researcher - Kashyyyk
Unknown Unknown slimebot
0 Unknown
Corsec Troopers, Corsec VS Flail POI
Unknown Unknown EbonymooreDFIP
0 Unknown
Rebel NPCs-Lok
Unknown Unknown Kryshala
0 Unknown
Meatlumps, Tyrena -5430 -2766 and Kor Vella Starport
Unknown Unknown Buckaroo
0 Unknown
Fed Dub NPCs Dearic Starport
Unknown Unknown sniperscout
0 Unknown
Meatlump Buffoon, CL32, outside Coronet Corellia
Unknown Unknown Kelsaka
A Neo-Cobral thug
Cobral Hideout POI Outside Restuss
(5445,5030) Rori Aphrodite
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