Force Shui - Pitch

Type Decorations
Group Housing Improvement
Reward Item
Reward Description Master of the Force Collection Update
XP None
No-Trade No
Reported By Cramernutz
Reported On December 12, 2007, 10:38 pm
Start Object
Start Item Any in List
Location (0,0)
Planet Unknown
Start Description
Type of Item Object
Total Items 5
Known Items 5
# Item Location Description Planet Reported By
1 an Askew Painting (-5050,-2272) Narmle inside theather Rori Cramernutz
2 an Askew Painting (-5126,-6508) this painting was moved, see the 2nd entry for this painting Unknown Cramernutz
2 an askew painting (-1142,-3605) new location is now bestine capital Tatooine Ahmest
3 an Askew Painting (-866,1558) Smuggler's Outpost Cantina Endor Cramernutz
4 an Askew Painting (-45,-1616) Science Outpost Dathomir Cramernutz
5 an Askew Painting (-5532,-2690) Tyrena Guild Hall Corellia Cramernutz