Collection Name Force Shui - Roll
Type Decorations
Group Housing Improvement
Reward Item
Reward Description Master of Force Shui Collection Update
XP None
No-Trade No
Reported By Cramernutz
Reported On December 12, 2007, 11:04 pm
Start Object
Start Item Any in List
Location (0,0)
Planet Unknown
Start Description
Type of Item Object
Total Items 5
Known Items 5
# Item Location Description Planet Reported By
1 a Slanted End Table (4324,5185) Nashal Hotel Talus Cramernutz
2 a Slanted End Table (1593,-6361) Agro Outpost Cantina Dantooine Cramernutz
3 a Slanted End Table (-6880,-5660) Labor Outpost Cantina Yavin IV Cramernutz
4 a Slanted End Table (-5513,-45) Deeja Peak Hotel Naboo Cramernutz
4 a Slanted End Table (-5513,-45) Lake Retreat Naboo Ahmest
5 a Slanted End Table (529,5088) inside front entrance of cantina in nym's stronghold Lok Cramernutz