Four Sages of Dwartii

Type Decorations
Group Furniture
Reward Schematic
Reward Description A Random Dwartii Statue Schematic
XP None
No-Trade No
Reported By Grozchiir
Reported On December 13, 2007, 11:11 pm
Start Object
Start Item Any in List
Location (0,0)
Planet Unknown
Start Description
Type of Item Object
Total Items 4
Known Items 4
# Item Location Description Planet Reported By
1 A Statue of Sistros (6,382) Second room on the left at Cmdr Kenkirk boss room on ISD ISD Cebot
2 A Statue of Faya (16,-16) In cantina on Nova Orion, main level Nova Orion Station Grozchiir
3 A Statue of Yanjon (12,190) Elevator to left from dark trooper triple spawn room on ISD ISD Cebot
4 Braata Statue (11,-39) Next to cloning room on ISD ISD Ahmest