Gaping Spider Slayer

Type Slayer
Group Slayer
Reward Title
Reward Description Player Title and XP
XP Large
No-Trade No
Reported By SuperRich
Reported On January 3, 2008, 1:53 am
Start NPC/Creature
Start Item Any in List
Location (0,0)
Planet Dathomir
Start Description (Nexus Collector)
Type of Item NPC/Creature
Total Items 5
Known Items 5
# Item Location Description Planet Reported By
1 a Gaping Spider (0,0) Kill 175 Dathomir SuperRich
2 a gaping Spider Hunter (0,0) Kill 150 Dathomir SuperRich
3 a Gaping Spider Recluse (0,0) Kill 125 Dathomir SuperRich
4 a Giant Gaping Spider Recluse (0,0) Kill 100 Dathomir SuperRich
5 a Gaping Spider Recluse Queen (0,0) Kill 75 Dathomir SuperRich