Collection Name General Exploration Badges: Lok
Type Badges
Group Exploration Badges
Reward Badge
Reward Description
XP None
No-Trade No
Reported By Ymoen
Reported On February 7, 2008, 1:23 pm
Start Achievement
Start Item Any in List
Location (0,0)
Planet Lok
Start Description
Type of Item Location/WP
Total Items 3
Known Items 3
# Item Location Description Planet Reported By
1 Steaming Maw of Adi's Rest (0,0) Mount Chaolt POI, edge of the crater Lok Ymoen
2 An Imperial Outpost (0,0) An Imperial Outpost POI Lok Ymoen
3 A Kimogila Skeleton (0,0) A Kimogila Skeleton POI Lok Ymoen