Collection Name Faux Real
Type Hobbies
Group Resource Gathering
Reward Item
Reward Description Faux Bantha Skin Rug
XP None
No-Trade No
Reported By Asche
Reported On March 22, 2008, 4:59 am
Start Looted Item
Start Item Specific Item
Location (0,0)
Planet Unknown
Start Description Harvest Hide to receive Pristine Hides
Type of Item Looted Item
Total Items 30
Known Items 13
# Item Location Description Planet Reported By
1 Pristine Hide (0,0) found off Kashyyyk Bantha outside Kachirho Kashyyyk (Kachirho) Paryycco
2 Pristine Hide (0,0) found off Ro-roo outside Kachirho Kashyyyk (Kachirho) Paryycco
3 Pristine hides (0,0) Harvested on any creature, all planets Unknown Eoysev
4 Pristine Hide (-2754,4949) found off Graul Marauder Dantooine Paryycco
5 Pristine Hide (0,0) greater womprat at lars poi Tatooine Dknight13
6 Pristine Hide (0,0) feral bantha Tatooine Dknight13
7 Pristine Hide (0,0) dune bantha Tatooine Dknight13
8 Pristine Hide (0,0) bantha Tatooine Dknight13
9 Pristine Hide (0,0) lesser womprat Tatooine Dknight13
10 Pristine Hide (0,0) womprat Tatooine Dknight13
11 Pristine Hide (0,0) Mouf Kashyyyk (Khowir) Tycoon
12 Pristine Hide (0,0) Vir Vir Rori Tycoon
13 Pristine Hide (0,0) Gualama Rori Tycoon