Creatures Who Drop "Converted T-21 Rifle"
Level Mob Location
83 an ancient graul dantooine
71 a choku hunter yavin4
80 an AT-ST global
72 an elder squall endor
75 an enraged tybis yavin4
71 a frenzied choku yavin4
72 a frenzied graul dantooine
71 a giant spined puc yavin4
81 a graul dantooine
80 a graul marauder dantooine
82 a graul mauler dantooine
73 a horned voritor lizard dantooine
87 a kliknik yavin4
74 a kliknik dark defender yavin4
74 a kliknik dark hunter yavin4
75 a kliknik dark queen yavin4
74 a kliknik dark warrior yavin4
73 a kliknik dark worker yavin4
89 a kliknik defender yavin4
73 a kliknik hatchling yavin4
84 a kliknik hunter yavin4
74 a kliknik mantis yavin4
90 a kliknik queen yavin4
78 a kliknik queen harvester yavin4
85 a kliknik scout yavin4
73 a kliknik shredder guardian yavin4
73 a swarming kliknik yavin4
86 a kliknik warrior yavin4
88 a kliknik worker yavin4
74 a malkloc dathomir
75 a malkloc bull dathomir
79 a female malkloc plainswalker dathomir
78 a young malkloc plainswalker dathomir
71 a mantigrue hunter endor
71 a mantigrue night stalker endor
72 a mantigrue reaper endor
71 a mature hanadak endor
71 a mature hanadak rock smasher endor
63 Clone of Razor lok
62 Clone of Scourge lok
71 a rabid squall endor
91 a maddened woolamander rebel_theme_park
90 (rtp_luke_woolamander_reaper) rebel_theme_park
78 a slinking voritor hunter dantooine
74 a stunted woolamander yavin4
71 a swirl prong impaler endor
72 a thune grassland guardian dantooine
71 a thune herd leader dantooine
73 a tybis yavin4
77 a female tybis yavin4
76 a grand tybis yavin4
78 a male tybis yavin4
77 a tybis youth yavin4
73 a vexed voritor lizard dantooine
72 a voritor dasher dantooine
72 a voritor lizard naboo
76 a woolamander yavin4
75 a woolamander gatherer yavin4
77 a woolamander harvester yavin4
78 (woolmander_reaper) yavin4
72 a young malkloc dathomir
81 an angler yavin4
80 an angler hatchling yavin4
82 an angler recluse yavin4
75 a gaping spider recluse dathomir
78 a giant gaping spider recluse dathomir
79 a gaping spider recluse queen dathomir
83 a giant angler yavin4
86 a shear mite hunter dathomir
87 a shear mite queen dathomir
71 a tanc mite warrior yavin4
92 a wrathful woolamander rebel_theme_park
78 a woolamander harrower yavin4
39 a reclusive gurk king lok